The topic for today is the garden pathway. The choice of surface for our garden pathway can be a real pain in the head. Should we go for concrete pavers, granite setts, wood, gravel or bark? What colour and pattern will be best?

Garden pathway surface

First of all the pathway should match the garden itself, its style, the type of plants and elements of garden architecture present or planned. It’s also good to consider the type of buildings in the near surroundings.

Every garden pathway material has its advantages and disadvantages. They come in different prices and the setup difficulty is also important. It’s usually advisable to make the initially bigger investment but later benefit from high quality material’s properties (resistance to sun, water, snow, frost, acid rain) and the ease of maintenance.

Taking this into account we recommend granite for pathway construction. It’s esthetic and functional properties have been appreciated for hundreds of years. The wide selection of colours and ability to make sophisticated patterns will make our dream garden walkways attractive and serve for many, many years.

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